Friday, August 26, 2005

The Wrong Suit

The other week I went to the dry cleaners. A few days later my husband is packing for a business trip and comes downstairs with a suit and says "This isn't my suit". It's kinda funny but I don't know what to say, I've never gotten the wrong clothes back from the cleaners before. The next day he heads off to Michigan in a different suit and on my lunchbreak I head back to the cleaners. I tell the guy the story, he looks at the tag affixed to the collar and says "This isn't our tag" and he looks at the hanger and says "this isn't our hanger". Well, it makes sense to me because before I left for work that morning I looked at the other stuff that came back from the cleaners and they all had orange tags and numbers that started with 87. This suit had a gray tag that started with 02. Um ok, what do I do? I tell they guy to take down my info in case someone else comes in with the wrong suit.

After work I go home and start looking around. I think he must have pulled this suit out by accident and that the one I had cleaned is sitting in his closet. There are no other freshly cleaned suits in my husband's closet. I call him and tell him what happened, I ask him about the suit he is wearing, what does it look like? He tells me he is wearing pants from the cleaners but a different jacket. The description of the fabric sounds like the one I took in! He "thinks" he sent in a suit and a pair of pants. I check out the bathroom trash can I find two orange tags that start with 87 in there. I had six items from that order in my dressing room. There were eight items total in the order. You know what this means? Right, there is no missing suit. Thanks, Honey.

But we still don't know where the other suit came from...and it doesn't fit my husband.

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