Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Advantages of Being a Working Mom

Here is where you get to see how schizophrenic I am. This stay at home mom vs. working mom thing drives me nuts. A few posts ago I was ready to make the switch and stay home with Gigi. This week I am back to loving being a working mom. I love having a career. I think it's great to have a life outside of the home, it gives me something to bring home to add to mix of our lives. I like how much Gigi learns at day care, she isn't even two yet and she can count to ten(except she skips 7) and can sing the whole alphabet song. She has friends her own age that she can play with and bite. We can provide better for Gigi with two incomes, there is no worrying about being able to afford something needed or wanted. If we decide on private school the funds will be there for that. I like being a role model for Gigi, so she can aspire to having a career that fits her. I like the challenge of my job and growing as person.

Can we compare this to why I want to stay home? There are good points on both sides. Talk to me next week lets see where I stand.

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David said...

Hey, I don't want to sound like a jerk here, but you sound like you're still just a tad up in the air on this decision. . .so. . .

Do you think if you had taught GG to count to ten yourself, she might not be skipping 7? I mean that jokingly, but it does raise the question: If you were home, would she NOT be learning these things?