Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Moratorium on Laurie Berkner

Well, I was afraid of this and now it's happened. I need to put a moratorium on Laurie berkner in the car. I love these songs but I am SO sick of this CD and I find myself singing the songs in my sleep.

I've decided I am going to make Sheryl Crow's second CD Gigi's new favorite CD. It's not working so far. She let me play a few songs but that's it. We've gone back to The Von Bondies, The Hives and The Killers. Which is fine wih me. Sometimes I even get to listen to the news, which is great!

We'll keep easing in new stuff so Gigi can have well rounded music exposure. And Laurie Berkner can get mixed back in, but only after I have firmly erased them from invading my sleep.

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