Sunday, February 25, 2007

Snowy Day

It's one of those nice slow snowy days. Nothing needs to be done and it's snowing outside so it's nice to just stay in...

Monday, February 19, 2007

Disney on Ice

Saturday we went to see Disney on Ice 100 Years of Disney at the Verizon Center. Gigi had a great time. We rode the Metro downtown which added to the adventure for her. She enjoyed seeing all the princesses and the other Disney characters. It was a nice warm up for our trip to Disney in March.

Rendition Sadie Augustine

OK here's a shot of Ms. Sadie all cleaned up and pretty. She's been riding the on the coattails of Jim Diamond's win. Lots of extra attention and treats.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Subliminal Design

Recently we remodeled our master suite. I am very proud of the design as it was mine, but was it? Take a look at these shots. The one the top is my recent bathroom upgrade. The one on the bottom is the bathroom at a hotel I stayed at in Portland in 2005. Not exact by any means but a similar feel.

What's even more interesting are the shots of the sleeping room. The coloring is very similar to my new colors in our master bedroom. I mean the red seems like the exact color! It would be even more spooky if I had put the new ivory bedding I just purchased on our bed prior to taking these shots. The themes that seem the same are one the red in the bedroom and the beige/brown in the bathroom. Plus the dark wood furniture, the white trim and fabrics and the black and white artwork.

This next shot is the hotel room and then

the following shot is our


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Who knew we had royalty in the family...

The story above is about Diamond Jim who just won "Best in Show" at Westminster. I have heard of Diamond Jim before, he has won a few other shows and has been in the news. I wondered if he was related to our Sadie, because you know, how many English Spring Spaniel breeders could there be? Right tons. So I would always stop when I saw his trainers name because it was not a name I recognized. But then I saw this story and they said he was from Fairfax Station, now that that narrows the field quite a bit. After a little research I realized he and Sadie (a.k.a. Rendition Sadie Augustine) do indeed share some linage, his grandmother is Sadie's mother. How cool, although Sadie is pure family dog, not dog show material at all.

She has always been a bit head strong and not willing to listen well. Even at dog training school, where we saw a young James, a few months older than Sadie obey so well, our girl was Ms. Distraction. Anyway It was fun to see James in the news and if you are looking for an English Spring Spaniel with good lineage check out Felicity Springer Spaniels.
Ok, I also realize she looks a bit scraggly in this shot so she already has a grooming appointment for Friday to get her looking like the royalty she is.

Valentine's Day

A few shots of Ms. G. enjoying her Valentine's Day care package from Grandma.

Playing Dress Up

Gigi has discovered her dress up box and all the goodies in it. What she hasn't discovered is that less is more. :)