Tuesday, September 06, 2005

On Vacation

Well I figure I better check in since it's been over week since my last post. I've been on vacation, not so much out of town, but just chillin at home with Paul and Gigi. We intially scheduled the week to go to the beach but by the time the week got here we had pretty much burned out on the beach house. We went down to pick up our stuff, Gigi was sick and we were tired of the house, so the next day we hit the Rehoboth outlets and then went home.

It was nice to be home and have not obligations, we worked in the yard, went to the park and relaxed. I am sure Gigi is so bored of us but we enjoyed getting to spend so much time her.

Anyway I have nothing really interesting to say and no pictures to post. I'll get back on track now that my schedule is back.

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