Friday, April 28, 2006

SketchUp - Home

SketchUp - Home

I don't know about you, but I am always looking for ways to draw an idea I have without having to buy an expensive program that will be obsolete in a few years. This tool is a great solution and it's FREE. I am thinking of designing a patio for our backyard. If I can I'll post the results.

Monday, April 24, 2006

CurrySimple Review

I ordered the CurrySimple products the day of my post, they came two days later - Fast shipping service A+

I stir fried some shrimp and okra, heated the curry sauce and served with rice noodles - Simplicity A+

The taste was very similar to the dish I raved about at Mi N Yu - Taste and Quality of the Red Curry Sauce - A+

Now I need to try the other curry sauces and the stir fry sauce. LOVE this company.

Take a Hike

I work for a great company. Not only does my company challenge me, respect me and allow me to grow beyond my wildest dreams, we get to go hiking! This is an annual event for us. We plan an afternoon and the whole company goes out for a hike. This year as it is many years, we went to Great Falls to hike the Billy Goat trail. What a fabulous workout!

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Paul's 40th

For Paul's birthday the three of us went to the Chesapeake Hyatt for a long weekend. Unfortunately it was quite rainy all weekend, but we still had great time. Gigi loved the indoor pool!

Plus we went over to St. Michaels and took a tour on the Patriot. The weather broke during our cruise and we were able to really enjoy the outdoor parts of the boat. The highlight of the cruise was when Captain Rob allowed Gigi to sing happy birthday to her daddy over the microphone, hiccups and all!.

This is us leaving the hotel, Gigi helped carry her stuff :)

Monday, April 17, 2006


Thai Curry, Pad Thai sauce and Thai Tea CurrySimple Storefront

Well anyone who knows me knows once I get hooked on something, I really get hooked. I have always stayed away from curry dishes because I guess I've some not so good curry. But the dish that I had at Mi N Yu was incredible, I keep thinking about it. So I went on the net today to find some recipes. Well it looks fairly labor intensive with lots of unusual ingredients. Not a deal breaker for me, but a pain. In my search I came across this page and boy am I excited. They have a link to an ABC News interview with the founder of this company and now I am sold. I am going order the red curry sauce and check it out. I'll get back later and let you know how it is.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Mi N Yu

It was date night Saturday night and on a recommendation from my friend Tula, Paul and I checked out Mi N Yu in Georgetown. I really loved this restaurant, from the decor to the food to the entertainment. I highly recommend it, especially the curried scallops YUM!

Speaking of restaurants, last Thursday was girls night and we met up at Busboys and Poets another cool spot on the other end of the expense spectrum. WiFi, burgers, sofas and drinks.

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Easter Basket

It's my Mom's tradition to make an Easter basket for Gigi. Although she got one last year, this year she really gets what an Easter basket is. We went over Saturday for a visit and Gigi was sent on a search through the house to find her Easter basket. When she came upon it she wasn't sure what to think. But soon she started digging in and eating chocolate and jelly beans, which funny enough she was calling lima beans! Now if only I could get her to eat real lima beans.

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Monday, April 10, 2006

The Power of Exercise

Today and everyday the master rule should be - Never underestimate the power of exercise. If you can fit this in most days and tailor it to you needs that particular day, Wow the world is golden.

Take today for instance, I've been feeling Blah, allergies, hormones, stress, etc. I felt this way yesterday and used the excuse that all my exercise clothing was in the dyer at workout time to skip exercise for the day. It didn't get me anywhere I still felt Blah. Today I wake up still Blah and go to work, drink a half a iced latte (half, because if I drank the other half I could have exploded) and half a bagel (half, because of the calories). Anyway it got me a little more awake and productive but still Blah. Finally the moment of truth 11:15, am I going to make it to my Yoga class or not? It would be so easy to blow it off and go get lunch but I decided to go, mostly because I felt guilty about skipping the workout yesterday and was mad because I couldn't put my little purple circle on the calendar for yesterday signifying a workout. I take my Blah self to the gym.

Wow, after the hour yoga session, I melt out of the gym, just pour me into my vehicle and float me back to work. Who is this girl? She's not the same one I knew this morning and certainly not the grumpy one I knew yesterday (hubby can testify to this). Did this exercise have anything to do with weight loss? Nope, just pure stress relief. The stretching and the poses pulled out the stress, reconnected my mind and body and in turn changed my world.

The power of exercise. Maybe step aerobics could have done this for me today, but maybe not. Today this was the right thing. For you yoga fans here are two great web pages that I found:

ABC of
Hatha Yoga Lesson

Oh and hey, I got to put my little purple circle on my calendar for today!

Sunday, April 09, 2006


We found a new playground today not far from our house. It got the Gigi seal of approval.

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Azalea and Gigi

Last weekend we went over to our friend's house for their annual letter costume party. This year the letter was H. Paul was a Hubert Construction worker, I was a desperate Housewife and Gigi was a Hottie. We had a great time. This is Gigi and Azalea hanging out, plus a few more H pictures.

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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Playing Tourist

Alright I don't know if we got caught up in all the hype about peak bloom on the news or a little spring fever or what! BUT what, are we CRAZY? What possessed us to even think about going down to check out the blossoms this morning, when we can go downtown any day of the year when the place is not mobbed by thousands of tourists? I've seen the blossoms before and yes they are pretty but I should rethink this in years to come or go early on a weekday. Regardless Gigi enjoyed it, although she isn't really talking about the blooms or the Washington Monument, she is talking about a blue tent that sells refreshements, that we didn't even stop at. Go figure, you never know what's going to stick with the little ones.

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Spring has Sprung!

Well finally some warm weather is here and it feels like it's here to stay. I am sure I just jinxed us by saying that but nevertheless we are enjoying it. The other day we took the afternoon off to meet with a project manager and designer to to talk about redoing our master bath, more on that to come as it progresses. Anyway the weather was great so we played outside with Ms. G.

This is her Pretty Girl car that she got from Nana and Pap Pap for Christmas.

Drawing with chalk on the driveway...

And dinner out.
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