Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Queen of the Damned and Princess Ariel

It's Halloween Eve, and our neighborhood ladies club put on a party for the kids. Gigi went as Princess Ariel the mermaid. She was VERY cute. It was a great idea, arts and crafts, refreshments and a parade and trick or treating through the seniors center. The kids had fun and the residents enjoyed seeing the kids. The only thing is that I was looking forward to seeing all my neighbors which I did, but when you are entertaining two year olds it's hard to have any adult converstions.

The Queen of the Damned and Princess Ariel Posted by Picasa

Pregnant Nun Posted by Picasa

Sorry Erika I missed the irony of yours and Tommy's costumes until I veiwed the pictures! Sometimes I'm a little slow.

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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Miss Manners

I've been musing over manners lately, or more accurately the lack of manners. I pride myself on being polite, I say please, thank you, excuse me, I wait my turn, I let people in when they want to change lanes, etc. But it seems to me like there is more rudeness around than ever. What causes this? I am exploring a theory I am calling the Mass Mentality. Let me explain. You're in your car, people are cutting others off, honking at each other, not allowing people in, etc. Take this group of people, meet them one on one in a social or business situation, where you are deemed "safe or acceptable to know" and these same people are probably very nice and polite. Why does the Mass Mentality take over when they don't know you?

The mass Mentality seems to turn regular nice people into animals. Are we packed in too close together? Are we too busy to be nice? Do people feel like if they are courteous to others that they are going to lose out, miss their turn, get left behind?

What does this mean, is it the way of the world these days, if you want to survive and get ahead, forego the manners? Is it a decline in society? Is it that protocol has changed and those of us who have been taught to be polite, are operating under obsolete standards? Is it ok to only be polite to those you know?

I really don't think it's ok.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Pumpkin Patch

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This weekend we went to the pumpkin patch festival in Germantown with our friends Erika, Tommy and Ben. It was a lot of fun. Especially for the kids.

There is a hayride that takes you out to field where you can "pick" your own pumpkins. This great in theory, but we found with two toddlers and one of us pregnant. It's hard to carry very many pumpkins back with you!

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There were also all kinds of animals to see: Bunnies, pigs, goats, turkeys, chickens. The turkey scared Gigi.

Piggies Posted by Picasa

And Pony rides! Not normally my thing but these ponies looked well cared for so I figured it was ok. Gigi and Ben both liked the ponies.

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It was chilly and windy and we had done a lot but we hadn't gone down the slide yet. So we waited in line and Gigi and I went down the slide. She wasn't so thrilled about the idea when it was our turn to go, but she liked it on the way down.

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It was a good weekend. No work on the kitchen, which was a ncie break. I haven't posted the final pictures yet because, well it's not finished. Almost, just a little more paint. Then I will get them up here for everyone to see.

Budding Artist

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Miss Gigi is turning into a budding artist. She wants to paint, she wants to use the markers, the crayons, the chalk. She loves doing the projects at day care. it's really cute - but messy!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

I Got Chocolate

Ok this is the second of two posts in a row talking about indulgences. No wonder I feel like I am up a pound or two! I want to talk about gourmet chocolate, there is nothing like it, you can't get this stuff at the grocery store.

Yesterday a box of fabulous chocolates arrived at my door. Who sent them? Me of course, I have been waiting all summer to place my order. They won't ship when it is hot enough to melt your chocolate.

Right now I am waiting for Paul to make me a cappucino to enjoy with my chocolates, but it sounds like he's putting away the dishes. Where are this man's priorities!? While I wait I'll tell you about the chocolates. They come from Jacques Torres and if you don't live in New York you can have them shipped to you (weather permitting). I love dark chocolate so I got a box filled with 4 flavors:

Love Potion #9 - pure dark chocolate ganache
Golden Expresso - self expanitory
Bin 27 Port - port infused in chocolate
Wicked Fun - chocolate ganache spiced up with ancho and chipotle chilis (Erica you would love this one!)

Ah my cappucino has arrived. I've gotta go enjoy...

For you chocolate lovers there are also recipes on the Jacques Torres site.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


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I got an email the other day talking about this local place that DELIVERS cupcakes. They looked really good.

Here is the info taken from DailyCandyDC- Baker Robyn Savage delivers her fresh-made confections straight to your home, providing a much-needed service to agoraphobic sweet tooths all over town.
Savage started her one-woman operation, Le Cupcake, with the idea that it’s best to do one thing really, really well. And she does: Her signature confection is a delicious fluff of vanilla cake with a turban of sweet almond-flavored icing decorated with pastel swirls and sprinkles. They arrive in white boxes tied with pink and brown ribbon (packages so cute, you may be tempted to eat them, too). She’ll even whip up custom flavors.
Available by the dozen (703-533-8989) or individually at Stacy’s Coffee Parlor, 709 West Broad Street, Falls Church (703-538-6266).

MMMN this sounds good.

Also I found this cupcake blog

I have a real cupcake craving going on right now!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Monica's Thong

Yesterday a friend of mine made an interesting comment about this out of control conservative movement. She blamed it all on Monica's thong. That this was the catalyst for many on the fence type voters who were outraged and wanted more resepectability in the White House.

I have to admit this comment seemed to have some merit, so I wanted to share it here. Any thoughts?

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Gigi's Birthday Party

This weekend we celebrated Gigi's 2nd birthday. She had a great time. First on Saturday, my parents came over and brought her this flexible flyer Horsey which she really loves.

On Sunday, we had a few friends over. She really enjoyed being the guest of honor. We had a talk before hand about sharing her toys and for the most part she did very well. Also everyone loved the horsey...

Here is Ms. Azalea

And Ms. Dominique...

And Ms. Tula...

Ben enjoyed Cake!

Gigi wasn't sure about blowing out the candles
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But really dug the presents Posted by Picasa

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Isabella dug the horsey also...

The other big hit was the bubbles!Posted by Picasa

And alas, I also posted and then deleted a picture of my friend Erica, so I will have to resend it tonight. It was nice party.

Here it is!

More on the kitchen renovations next time...