Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Little Birdy

I keep thinking about something that happened while we in New Hampshire last week. Paul, Gigi and I stopped at coffee shop and were walking around. We went over to fountain so Gigi could see the water. Paul noticed a bird in the water. It was a really fast rushing fountain and I didn't see the bird. I was thinking he must be talking about a dead bird which was sad. I said "where?", and he pointed the bird out. It was still alive but drowning with no way of being able to get out or get some refuge. So I started panicking how do I get the bird out? Paul walked away, he was keeping up with Gigi who was walking around. I am standing there like an idiot with my coffee in my hand looking around for something to fish the bird out. There is nothing. Should I dump the coffee out and try to get him out in the cup, no the cup is too small he might break his wings. Ok THE BIRD IS DROWNING - DO SOMETHING NOW. So I put the coffee down, and say to some folks sitting on the bench next to the fountain (not sure why) - "there's a bird drowning in there" and even though it is freaking me out I scoop the bird up with my hands and put him on the edge of the fountain.

My heart is beating a mile a minute and the strangers and I are looking the bird who is gasping for air and probably in shock. The woman thinks its leg is broken, but I don't think it is. He is moving around a bit and I realize he could easily fall right back in the fountain. I am going to need to move him again. Before now I have never touched a bird so this is scary. My hands are shaking but I pick him up and move him over by a tree, while I am putting him down his little feet grasp my finger while he is trying to get his bearings ( this is the part I keep thinking about) I let him go and he sits there. I turn to the couple who have been watching all this and say a little on the shaken side " Um see ya later, have a nice day".

I get back to Gigi and Paul, we walk near the tree and I see the bird still sitting there. About 20 minutes later we drive past and the bird is gone. I like to think he caught his breath and flew off. Those little feet grasping my finger were so sweet.

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