Thursday, June 30, 2005

Laurie Berkner

Listened to Laurie Berkner's CD yesterday on the way home with Gigi, I may have liked it more than she did. I just want to say to all you parents who hate regular childrens' music - This is good stuff. Very good songwriting, catchy tunes, very likeable and singable. I can play this in the car.

We also listened to Washington Social Club on the way in this morning and this may be my new favorite band. Great punky/pop sound. I have to thank Dumbek for the tip on this band.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Good Music

Speaking of music I recently discovered that you can find stuff from the Dischord catalog on Itunes available for instant download. This is great since I no longer have a turntable that works, plus many of my albums were damaged a few years back when our basement was flooded.

Funny story (in retrospect), the hubby washed the dog in the laundry tub and took the hose out because it was in the way. Later I go down and put some laundry in. A few HOURS later I come back and when I open the basement door I hear the washer going, and think it's been hours since I put that load in. Well it turns out that the water was just running out all over the floor and that's how the basement got flooded. You know stuff happens. We bought a wet dry vac that day.

Children's Music

Ok those who know me know that I absolutely refuse to play children's music in the car. Ms. G is an alternative girl and likes good music. She requests "Hey Baby" quite often. Well today I may be venturing into a bad place. The other day we saw Laurie Berkner on the Today Show and she really caught Gigi's attention. I went out today and got one of her CD's and plan to put it in the car. Will I ever get to play The Von Bondies again?

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Beach House Weekend

This summer we rented a beach house in Bethany with some friends and soon to be friends. It’s not a great house but it is definitely growing on me. It’s an easy walk down to the beach without having to cross the street. Ms. G really loves going down to the beach and playing in the sand.

This weekend we went down and my friend Jackie was there with her two boys. Ms. G had a great time playing with the boys, I can already see it, she loves older boys! We also had a visit from Jennifer and Mr. A. Unfortunately Mr. A was having a sand phobia so he was not very happy.

For those of you coming back from Bethany with an appetite, do yourself a favor and stop by Bootsy’s BBQ a few miles on the way out. It’s a little stand with a huge BBQ going in the back. YUM!

I'll get some pictures up ASAP.

In the ocean Posted by Hello

Ms. G roughhousing with the boys... Posted by Hello

And More.... Posted by Hello

Ms. G on the carousel Posted by Hello

Daddy and Ms. G playing with the water before dinner. Posted by Hello

More water play... Posted by Hello

Gigi and Gary playing in the pool. Posted by Hello

Ms. G and Mr. A watching an airplane. Posted by Hello

Also today, Paul and I celebrate our 6 year wedding anniversary. Time sure does fly when you're having fun.

Intro Entry

Ok I’ve started a blog. Not sure what I plan to do with it yet but I’ve enjoyed reading other bolgs and wanted to jump on in. I guess it will be a good way to share stories and photos with many people at one time. Plus a good place just to ramble on about whatever.