Thursday, August 02, 2007

Lighten Up

Well I am happy to say I am making some progress on ridding myself of the recently gained vacation pounds. Back to where I was before the second vacation so that makes me fairly happy. The other pounds will be harder. I have a new weapon in my arsenal for this quest, Hoodia. I've tried various "weight loss" products before with very little hope or satisfaction, but I have to say so far the Hoodia product has done what it says it will do. Basically it just makes you feel less hungry. And it does it without making you feel like you are on speed. This isn't to say it would keep me from sitting down and eating a large meal or several large meals throughout the day. But what it does do is allow me to eat the small meal and feel satisfied. Most of the time when I go for the small meal theory I fail. I want more to eat as soon as I am finished. I want to snack. Not the case with Hoodia. Now I am only 2 days into using this product but I am also down 3 lbs, so although I don't expect to lose another 3lbs in the next two days, it's given me a bump and if it can help control my appetite. The rest will follow.

When I purchased the product I got a quick education on its origins. Apparently it's an herbal remedy that the bushman in Africa have used for years. Not for weight loss of course but for for it's ability to keep you from feeling hungry. They used it whenever they would go on a long journey where they would have little or no food or water.

Now of course the other major factor in health and weight control is exercise. I have really let this go. But I have good news on this front also. My office is moving to a new building and there is a very nice Sport and Health club next door. We have meeting today with one of their reps to get an employee discount for our staff. We'll get this in motion ASAP, so I can start going there. Even now before the move it's much closer to my office than my other gym.

Ah, I feel in control. And caffeine free.

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