Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Control - It's yours if you want it

Today’s post may seem a bit out of context for some of you. But as promised I plan to keep this blog alive more than once a month so this something that is on my mind and worth publishing. Its something that I feel is good to remind myself of and maybe all who read it will be reminded of the control we each hold over our own lives and how our perception of any given situation makes a difference in how we experience it.

If you think the world is dumping on you, it is. If you didn’t ask for it but are getting overwhelming challenges, you see it as opportunity and it is. The external details of either scenario are the same, it’s how you choose to see it and how you plan to react to it that effects the outcome and your happiness while living it.

If something isn’t for you don’t do it. Plain and simple. But if its fear, self set limitations or even lack of learned capabilities keeping you from doing something, get over it and add some new skills to your bag of tricks. And enjoy overcoming your own internal difficulties.

Finally where do you want to be in life? Who is the person you want to be? What is holding you back? My advice, unsolicited of course, is to stop wasting time complaining and creating drama. Do not allow the easy escape of blaming others for what is going wrong, don’t worry about opinions they may or may not have about you. Look at yourself and find the strength you need to make it the life you want it to be. Let go of old baggage, know that no one is going to do it for you and maybe some will try to hold you back. I know you know that part but the hump I feel you’re having trouble getting over is the part about how in the end it’s up to you. Figure out what you want to do and do it.

The control is yours if you want it. I know this post is going to make you mad and you'll have many great reasons to prove what I am saying does not apply to you. But if you walk away with one little peice of doubt to put a chink in that thick armour of yours then I will be happy.


David said...

Great words. But many have written and spoken them in many different ways--get to the interesting part and tell us who your ribbing here. Even if not by name, I'd like to read more about who or what prompted this passionate entry.

David said...

Here's one of my favorite entries along the same lines: