Thursday, August 16, 2007

I Love Ikea, Gigi Loves Dancing

Last weekend I had had it with the family room in our basement. I decided I didn't like sitting down there. This is not good. It's called the family room for a good reason, this is where we are supposed to hang out. The good TV is there, the computers are there, and the majority of Gigi's toys are there. Which is one of the problems, they are everywhere in that room. We pick them up but a few days later your stepping on little figurines and killing your foot on the way to the sofa.

Saturday I got up, really with just intentions of cleaning up the toys and some of the clutter and it turned into a day long project. I moved the furniture around a bit creating "the adult zone" around the TV area. and reorganized "the kid zone" a bit. Then I needed some stuff to really make it work, so we headed over to Ikea. God, I love that place, good stuff and low prices. I picked a new square glass coffee table that really made my new "adult zone" work. Plus some cool current panels and hanging hardware to help define the area with out hindering the visual openness of the room. Tada! a new and fabulous room that works for all of us.

Gigi loves it too and is keeping her stuff in the kid zone. These shot are great because the show off the remodeled space and how cute she is dancing. At then end of watching a movie she always gets up and dances to the songs at the end. Last night it was Mulan. A really good movie for young girls. None of the typical saved by the handsome prince stuff. She saves the guy and all of China and goes home to her family without thinking twice about the guy. He follows her.

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