Sunday, August 26, 2007

Good Stuff

There are two really great places that I need to share with you. The Red Door Spa and Azucar. You probably know about Red Door so I will start with Azucar. This is a restaurant in my neighborhood, literaly two minutes from my house. I went there once for a huge ladies club lunch and didn't get the real feel of the place. The other night I went with some friends from our neighborhood and I was blown away. How is it that this great little gem of a restaurant was right there all this time and I wasn't even aware of it? Well since then we have dinner there two more times. (once in and once carry out, yes carry out also!). So I had dinner there three nights in a row. What's cool is that each meal was so different it didn't seem like it came from the same place. The other great thing is that Paul likes it too. Usually if I get obsessed on place he usually hates it so it makes it hard. I guess I'll burn him out on this one soon enough.

The Red Door Spa, this was the big birthday gift. I went with my friend Louise and we had a blast. It started with a deep tissue massage, which was incredible. I've had massages before but never the deep tissue. I am sold on this massage. It really loosened up all the kinks. I mean it was serious work on the muscles, later when I got home I was so exhausted from it that I slept very soundly for two hours. I just can't say enough about it. Then we had facials. This was also very good, my skin has been a mess so I really needed the treatment. Finally we had a shampoo, blow dry and make application. This great because if you have had the first two treatments you know you walk out of the spa with a makeup free blotchy face and your hair is all messed up with oil from the massage in it, etc. We walked out all glamerous so it was well worth it. I had cut back on spa stuff this past year, but realized just how important it is. What's even better is I have two gift cards for Aveda sitting in my purse. :)

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