Monday, July 02, 2007

Summer Fun

Well I guess this is getting to be a monthly blog, rather than a weekly one. The more I try to get more time out the day the less time I seem to find. Well Gigi is getting good on the computer these days, so maybe she'll take over for me. We all laugh but it will be sooner than you think! Right now she is really digging having her own machine where she plays games with colors and shapes, etc.
We are really excited she will start montesori school in September. I think she is going to get a lot out of it and really enjoy that she is going to school instead of day care. Only 2 more months!

I guess one reason I haven't been blogging much is the great weather, usually by now we are holed up inside with the a/c on. But its been great, we have only had a few a/c days, the rest we have been able to open the house and enjoy the weather. No time for the computer.
We had a great vacation last week, have one coming up in a few weeks, plus right before we went to the beach we had a great party with some of our friends. So I guess there has been a lot of work going on but also lots play, not much computer time.

For ALL the pictures from our party click on this link to Picasa web albums

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