Monday, July 30, 2007

Getting back into the swing of things

I call this shot creative camouflaging. This was taken at Race Point Beach in Provincetown, MA at the very tip of Cape Cod. A guy came up and asked for the time and then I got the big idea of asking him to take our picture. I hand him the camera and then realize I am about to document what I look like in my bathing suit. Now I am not so self conscience that I won't wear my bathing suit in public, but really I am not thrilled by it and certainly don't need to document it. So thought fast and pick up Ms. G to hold in front of me. Good Plan.
Problem is I can't really walk around like that in real life. Got back from vacation and did my morning ritual weigh in. 140lbs. UGH. That is 5lbs over my "I have got to do something about this weight" weight. Well I guess it could be worse since It's not SO bad that I can't even post it here, but really this is bad. I am missing the benefits of when I had food poisoning earlier this year. I was sick for three days straight, but the tummy was flat and I was weighing in at a comfortable 133 lbs. Two vacations later and I am up 7 lbs.
So I guess I need to get my you know what to the gym, and leave some of it there. I'll rant here with some updates. Which brings me to the next point of my subject line of getting back into the swing. I have plenty of stuff to write about so I will make some time for it. A monthly blog is a boring thing.
The vacation. It was great. We rented a beautiful house on a bluff overlooking Cape Cod Bay. At night you could see a few lights, lighthouses I presume, over at the tip of the cape. One of which I did not see, Race Point Lighthouse, even though we were RIGHT THERE. It was behind a house and I didn't even know it was there. How stupid is that. I really wanted to take a lighthouse tour of the Cape but didn't, but I could have at least seen that one. Anyway it was nice to see it from our house.
The reason for our trip was to witness the Batz Mitzvah of Paul's niece Olivia. It was my first one. I didn't get to see much of it though because Ms. G was having a hard time sitting in her seat and an even harder time keeping quiet. The parts I did see were nice, apparently the rabbi is a bit on the non traditional side and sang and played guitar a lot. I was especially impressed with Olivia's poise and confidence in her reading and chanting.
The party afterwards was quite fun we got to see many of Paul's relatives that we never see, so that was good. Shame on us for not taking any pictures there.
The rest of the vacation was split between hanging out with Paul's immediate family and doing some day trips just the three of us. I know Paul really enjoyed spending time with everyone especially his sisters.
The day trips were also fun. My favorite was taking the ferry over to Martha's Vineyard for the day. The weather was perfect and the island was some of what I expected and then some I didn't. Part of that was because we were in the most touristy spots. With such limited time and no vehicle we really didn't get to explore much of the island.
Other favorites include a day trip with just Karen and I to shop and have lunch in Chatham. And getting a chance to walk on the beach and chat with Paul's sisters. I know Paul especially enjoyed having his Aunt Fran stay with us for a few days, and Gigi loved playing with her cousins.
All in all it was fun, we pushed Gigi's limits a few times and need to scale back on the schedule, but she really enjoyed herself.

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