Saturday, September 16, 2006


Now you may find this hard to believe with all the tons of pictures I post on this blog of Ms. G., but I am not a kid person. Other people's kids get on my last nerve. Of course there are exceptions to this, like the kids who belong to anybody who reads this blog! :) No really I honestly like my friends kids or at least most of them and the kids in our family. With that said I am realizing it's not the kids I so much dislike - it's the parents. Which of course is why I like the kids I know because, I like their parents and we share similar parenting styles, or should I say we actually parent our children.

What the heck has happened to the general parent these days, is it out of fashion to have your kids abide by some sort of set of rules. Is my idea of where to to draw the line tighter than the general public? Dunno.

Case in point. I signed Gigi and I up for Mommy and Me Yoga classes for the next six weeks. I pictured several little girls with their mommys all sitting nicely following the instructor and trying to do yoga poses. How was it really? Well first of all we get there and there is only one other mommy and she has two boys who look to be about 2 1/2 and 4, the age requirement is at least 3, ok Gigi is two weeks shy of that but really close. Fine no other little girls but maybe some will sign up later. We start, it's ok every one is following instruction and doing ok. Gigi is having fun so it's good. A little bit into the class a mommy and her daughter come in. My guess is that the girl is 2ish AND she still has a pacifier glued to her mouth. The instructor is the only one working so she can't stop and see what this mommy has dropped in for so she invites them to join the class, which I thought was a good move on her part. NOT! First, the little girl was not interested in following instruction she just wanted to run around. Second, the little girl's mommy did absolutely nothing about, in no way did she try to control her or get her to participate in the instructions, she just let her run. Third, since she was running around the two little boys started running around too. ugh. Fourth, the boys' mom gave a small effort to get them back under control, but they didn't listen and she quickly gave up.

Ok what is up with this? If it were my child I would have walked her out of the play area and made her sit her on the bench until she was ready to go back in and follow instructions. This isn't just me backseat driving because I was working a plan in my head of what I was going to do if she decided to join in with the others. What is great is that I didn't need to do that because even though the rest of the kids were running around like banshees with their parents permission, my little girl continued to focus on the instructor and we did our poses. She is the best.

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Avin said...

I have to say Miko, you and I are on the same page with this. I dont really do well with parents that allow their kids to run wild. Its been a really long time since I had a 4 year old, but I was always very serious about making sure my son was on his best behavior. Simply out of respect for other people. I hope your next class is better, good luck.