Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Neighbor’s House

When a house goes on the market in my neighborhood, all the neighbors like to check it our when it’s open. So this weekend we decided to take a walk down the street to see a new house that just went on the market. As we turn the corner and are walking toward the house we also see balloons and the open sign for another house in the hood – Her house.

Well we go into the first house and check it out. It’s quite nice and much more expensive than the other houses for sale in our hood, which is why we wanted to see it. One draw back, the house next door had a fire last March and is still in major disrepair. In fact I had not realized how bad the fire was until we got a view of it from the neighbor’s backyard. It was quite a fire. I’m not sure why it is taking so long to get it repaired, insurance or something else, but it can’t be making it any easier for the neighbors to sell their house.

Anyway done with that. I want to go see Her house. Not that I really about seeing what the house looks like, but to get the info on her departure. The real estate agent has the same last name so I was thinking it might be her son and we worried she might be there. The hubby advised against going, but we were already halfway there and I wanted to go, so we did.

She was there. We walk in and wind back to the kitchen, the real agent greets us and she is right behind him. I introduce myself and sign in using my maiden name so we don’t have to worry about any backlash. I also let him know we are neighbors but I know a coworker looking for a house, this is true. She is really giving me the eye. Am I paranoid? Maybe she’s just an ornery old lady and looks at everyone that way. This is probably the truth but she also probably knows my voice, who cares. I look her in the eye and say hello, can’t remember if she said hello back or not but I don’t think she did. So the agent is giving me the hard sell. I told him we just want to get some info and take a quick tour but he was aggressive. I took the opportunity find out that they are retiring and have a house ready but won’t move until the house is sold. DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! This is hard market to sell a house in. Oh well now I am ready to go but Paul and Gigi are somewhere in the house and this guy is really selling hard. Finally we are leaving and he says he’ll call me in a few days for feedback. Go ahead I left a fake number…

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Avin said...

This is too funny! Please keep me posted on her impending departure. I love that you went in there. You should have left her a pretty kitty magnet or something.