Friday, September 29, 2006

New York

This week I had the pleasure of a whirlwind trip to NYC. There was a one day conference on Thursday so four of us went up the day before and made the most of the little time we had there. We stayed at the Waldorf Astoria, which was very exciting to stay in landmark hotel, this was also where the conference was.

The night before we went to dinner at Tribecca Grill and then afterwards walked down to Ground Zero.

I had only seen the site of the former World Trade Centers on TV so it was quite impressive to see the site in person.

It's hard to picture the buildings that were once on the site. The more emotional part of the visit was the timeline and photgraphs posted at the entrance of the WTC subway entrance.

The stangest part of the visit was noticing the armed security outside of the WTC subway stop. 5-6 men with huge machine guns. This is not a site I have ever seen on the streets of America, while they are the good guys it's still very unsettleing. My picture was far away, as I was too itimidated to go up and directly take a picture of them.

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