Friday, September 01, 2006

My New Favorite Person

One of the hardest parts about being a working mom is making a decision on what isn’t going to get done. Obviously your child needs all the care attention you give her. You have an obligation to be at work. Keeping nutritious food in the house and preparing meals, kind of important. Laundry can become a real issue if you haven’t done it and you’re trying to get your child’s breakfast and lunch ready and get out the door for work and you find she has no clean pants. So what gets left undone, unless of course you’re Supermom and need no sleep? In our house, its housekeeping.

Last year we remodeled our kitchen, it looks great. Take a quick guess on how many times our new floor was mopped since Jan 1st? Let’s see it’s August, so you think maybe once a month, so 8 times? Doubt it, my guess is once. Bathrooms, more often, but still not as often as needed, especially the floors. I’ve wanted to hire a housekeeper for about three years now. But for one the hubby was completely opposed, ”I’ll do more cleaning”, he has not. The cost, the rates I was hearing were a bit prohibitive. Plus, I’ve never had someone come in my house while I wasn’t home and spend hours working in our personal space.

I got over all that. A friend recommend her housekeeper and I jumped on it. Wow, I can never go back! Yesterday was her first day; she will come once every two weeks. Yesterday being the first visit was heavy duty as she needed to get everything up to par. Now I know what I just wrote, but really I didn’t think our house was “that” dirty. We keep it fairly straight, everything in its place and don’t allow real messes to go without being immediately addressed. Really it’s dust that we have an issue with (thinking about getting our ducts cleaned but that’s a whole other story). When I walked in our house yesterday after her visit I was floored, (excuse the pun). Not only were all the floors clean, bathrooms sparkly and all the surfaces dust free. But things I don’t think much about were pristine like the wood blinds and the base boards, the toothbrush holder, behind the cappuccino machine, etc. The transformation was incredible. Everywhere I turned I was in awe, all the finest details – clean.

Needless to say I have a new favorite person.

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