Sunday, September 11, 2005


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Well its been an interesting weekend. A good one. First off we cleared out the kitchen today for the face lift I spoke of a few months back. The stars have aligned and it's finally going to happen. That is if we don't chase away the contractors with chicken pox! I'll get into all or part of that later depending on what develops.

Anyway this post is about girlfriends, something I forgot I had, or thought I lost. Not to take away from my girlfriends at work because they are very important to me, but I'm talking about friends from other walks of life, those who help define your past. This weekend friends of our held their annual crab feat. These friends, Craig and Tula, are also the ones who invited us to join the beach house. One of the reasons I wanted to join the beach house was to make some new friends, which we did and I am glad we did. What I didn't expect was the connection with old friends, old girlfriends to be exact. The first one is Jackie, who I invited to join the beach house so that one is sort of a given. But not completely because before the beach house and even somewhat during, we really haven't had (or made) a lot of time to connect. But I saw her name on the Evite for the crab feast and was excited that she was planning on attending. We got there fairly early and she showed up not long after that. The two of us got a chance to sit and eat crabs and chat which was great.

After that I mingled around and talked with some of my new friends, namely Helen and David who are a really nice couple with similar political views. I got a kick out of Helen worrying if she offended anyone by making disparaging comments about Bush! In the mean time I was looking out for my friends Scott and Izzy, it's been a really long time since I 've seen them and I knew they were coming. Well as I am talking with David I hear a familiar voice call my name, I turn and it's my long lost girlfriend Erica! Wow what a great surprise. Scott and Izzy brought her to the party and kept it a secret. Even our hosts were in on the surprise.

Anyway, long story short (too late huh?), I spent the rest of the party sitting and talking with three of my old girlfriends, how great is that? It really reminds me that yes, I do have some great girlfriends and even though we haven't been able to get together as often as we wish, and have each taken a different path, the connection is still there. It was really nice. We live in a very busy time in a very busy part of the world but there is nothing like making a connection with people you have a history with.

P.S. Kudos to Paul who took on toddler duty and followed Ms. G around for hours, keeping her safe, while I sat with the girls.

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David said...

Yeah, when you locked onto your long lost girlfriends, I knew it was a great moment for you. You lit up like a Christmas Tree! I was happy for you. I always envy women for the bonds they have with each other.

I've been thinking a lot lately of how I don't have many friends in the DC area, but we're starting to make new friends and I have Craig and Tula to thank the most for that. The events at the Crab Casa and the Summer Beach House rental have turned us on to some really cool people and delightful children. There is nothing I like more than hanging out with children.

David said...

Oh, and Paul really was a champ following GG around the cab casa again and again and again and again and again. . .

I hope I get to do that some day!