Friday, July 01, 2005

Our Kitchen

I am getting pretty excited about our upcoming kitchen face lift. We almost have all the supplies needed for the job and it's been cool making the purchases trying to visualize the changes.

I need to post a before shot. But I'll try to describe how it is now and has been for the last five years since we moved in. Our kitchen sucks. More detail, we have horrible linoleum on the floor which was damaged when we moved in. It is so old and worn it feels like you never really get it clean. The counter tops are this blah cream color, really crappy stock laminate and the cooktop says left top but it's really the right top etc...

We are getting new terra cotta ceramic flooring, new countertops, new stainless dishwasher, cook top, sink and faucet (our current one drenches anyone who come to our house and doesn't know how finesse it). We are keeping the cabinets, but putting on a fresh coat of paint and new brushed nickel hardware. We also are painting the walls.

I am not looking forward to doing the work. We are not doing it all ourselves, we have a great contractor doing the complicated stuff requiring actual skills, but we are painting the cabinets and walls ourselves. Ugh. Also we will lose the use of our kitchen while this is going on. Everything needs to be pulled out, then eventually put back. This will be great process since I can purge stuff taking up room that we never use.

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