Thursday, June 30, 2005

Laurie Berkner

Listened to Laurie Berkner's CD yesterday on the way home with Gigi, I may have liked it more than she did. I just want to say to all you parents who hate regular childrens' music - This is good stuff. Very good songwriting, catchy tunes, very likeable and singable. I can play this in the car.

We also listened to Washington Social Club on the way in this morning and this may be my new favorite band. Great punky/pop sound. I have to thank Dumbek for the tip on this band.


The Crabbies said...

dude, welcome to the world of kiddie tunes. laurie berkner is very good. you might also like dan zanes. he's a fave in our house with the diaper set. just don't fall into the wiggles trap. once you start playing the wiggles in the car, it's all over.

Jenn said...

Ahhh, congrats on finding the diva of kiddie music. Laurie is great -she used to have rock band, but I guess discovered a better audience than us fickle adults. FYI, she does tour and give live shows - she also has a video tape (a little old)that caleb LOVES to watch. I will burn the other CD I have and give it to you for Gigi. I agree it is much more sane to listen to than the Wiggles - I have to drink before listening to them!

Dumbek said...

Glad you like WSC. They're definitely one of my faves.