Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Seven Year Itch and House Arrest

Today Paul and I celebrate our 7th wedding anniversay. It's funny because in some ways it seems just like yesterday and in other ways it seems like we've spent a lifetime together. Tonight we enjoyed a nice dinner at home with Ms. G., who really enjoyed the desert!

Also of note, I have put Tooty under house arrest. I know now that the hoopla with the license application being left in my door has to do with our neighbor Sue Simon once again complaining about our cat. I won't say how I found out, but I did. Also, her caller ID showed up on our phone the day after we got back from vacation. The next day Tooty showed up at home limping. I don't know if it is connected but I decided she is under house arrest until things settle down. The law in our county states that cats must be licensed, she is, that they must spayed or neutered, she is, and that they cannot go onto private property without the owner's permission. GIVE ME A BREAK! Unfortunately this very unfriendly neighbor who has nothing better to do than worry about cats coming into her yard has decided to make a case out of it. It's ridiculous but unfortunatley a war we cannot win. Maybe she will get a life and leave us alone, fat chance huh? Anyway now you can see why the rant a few weeks back. In the meantime Tooty is really mad.

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