Thursday, June 15, 2006

1. Open Mouth 2. Remove Foot

It's a funny thing about filling in the blanks, we rarely get the details right, although we are sure they are completely correct.

My neighbor stopped over today with her dog. She used to have two dogs but one of them got hit by a car last week and was killed. The day the dog was killed was the same day the mysterious water was left at my house. The real story goes like this. She let her dogs come over and play in my yard with Sadie. They didn't want to come out so she left some water for them in my fence and then came back later to get them. Later that day the dogs escaped from her yard and ended up the street on a very busy road and only one of them came back. My thoughts and condolences go out to their family and their departed doggie.

So why did I fly off the handle about the water? Well it wasn't the water by itself, it was the water combined with the pet license application left the day before. I assumed they were related. A lesson I learned at my very first real job - Never Assume. Yet still, we all do. Not sure what the license application deal is all about, but my guess is it's really about my cat. Who has a license.

We have a long history with two of my neighbors hating my cat. Not the one that left the water, if fact she can feel for me because a few years before we moved here, one of those same neighbors started a petition to have her cat removed from the neighborhood. Another neighbor saved the cat with his own petition to keep the cat.

Now my cat, I have to admit, is a predator when it comes to the little creatures in our neighborhood. She is a cat. We got her from the animal rescue, she grew up as a stray and knows how to survive. Of course we feed her abundantly, so now it's just sport to her. Just last week I had to save a small bunny from her, locking myself out of the house in the process. A long story, but I did get back in and the cat was locked in for the day while the bunny went on his way. We understand frustration with this aspect of her, we have the same frustration. We put a bell on her it doesn't help.

The other major complaint is that she hides in the bushes and then jumps out and scares people. This one actually makes me laugh. Anyway, at this point I am hyper sensitive to people calling animal control on my animals, since it has happened several times with her. But I was wrong to jump to conclusions. I apologize for for my rant it was completely out of line. Btw, I really like the majority of my neighbors, this is a very friendly place to live. I just a have a problem with the two that hate my cat.

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