Monday, January 02, 2006

Top Places to Live

A friend of mine sent me this cool link to help analyze your top 24 places to live in the US. It's pretty cool. Here is my list. Funny, I was talking about moving to Portland earlier this year...

Portland, Oregon City of Roses
Eugene, Oregon
Salisbury, Maryland
Baltimore, Maryland
Charleston, West Virginia
Santa Barbara, California
Corvallis, Oregon
Salem, Oregon
Frederick, Maryland
Gaithersburg, Maryland
Santa Cruz, California
Ventura, California
Medford, Oregon
Honolulu, Hawaii
Milwaukie, Oregon
Little Rock, Arkansas
Providence, Rhode Island
Palo Alto, California
Boston, Massachusetts
Hartford, Connecticut
New Haven, Connecticut
Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Sacramento, California
Astoria, Oregon


Tony said...

Don't go to Oregon! Mean people out there, rains all of the time, you get mold in your armpits, and slugs the size of a dauschund!

spookytula said...

I think that website is a nightmare for the fine people of Oregon. It's telling people like you, me and my crazy sister to move there. Craig and I are definitely moving there someday, though, as it's the 33rd state. Yay Oregon!