Monday, January 09, 2006

Mistaken Identity

So I am out at Panera picking up my lunch. Calculating what has less calories to compliment my half a Frontega Chicken Panini, the greek salad or the french onion soup. The soup is my first guess, but it's got a chunk of bread and huge gooey peice of cheese on top, yet the salad has dressing...Anyway I get up to place my order and I notice that the girl taking my order is wearing a bracelet identical to mine. This my current favorite, I wear it everyday.

So I say hey we are wearing the same bracelet and hold up my arm for her to see. And then I ask her if she got hers from QVC, also my current favorite place to shop. This is the funny/ stupid part, She looks at me and say no she got it from Tiffany's for her 16th birthday! Then, shocked, I reply, oh I must have the knock off, who knew! :).

So of course don't I look stupid. I go back the office and get online and find the bracelet at Tiffany's to see what it is made of and how much it costs. Well it is made of sterling silver just like mine, but it goes for a whopping $175.00. Well now I am not feeling so stupid, I paid less than half that. Although I am not thrilled about wearing a copy cat design.

Btw, I made the wrong choice and got the salad with twice as many calories as the soup.

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