Saturday, December 31, 2005

Getting Organized

It's that time of year again where I try to get everything organized and in its place. Not that I don't try during the year but at the beginning of the new year I am always looking for a fresh start. I've given up on making "New Years Resolutions" as they are always bound to fail, but I do want to get my house organized.

The problem is there is never enough time to get it all done. Or I don't make enough time, whatever... Like now I am in the midst of putting stuff in all these great clear plastic bins that I picked up at Target this morning. First, I don't think I got enough bins. Second, I keep uncovering projects and other unfinished things while also coming up with tons of other cool ideas. Oh and third, I stopped to write this in my blog :)

I just spent the past week off from work, what did I accomplish? I cleaned the closet in my dressing room and uh... did some laundry. Most days revolved around keeping Gigi entertained which I don't think I even did good job at that. In retrospect I should have taken her to day care at least two days out of the last eight. She needs other two year olds to rough house with. I didn't take her because I thought it would be nice to spend time together which it was, but I can see she is bored with me and ready to bust loose and I am also feeling like I didn't get any of my projects done.

Anyway back to organizing. I am a very organized person but I have a hard time finishing stuff...

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