Monday, December 26, 2005


How exciting it is for kids at Christmas. And how fabulous it is to be a parent at Christmas time. All week we told Gigi that Christmas was coming, not sure who was more excited about it, her or us. This shot is from Christmas Eve with the the presents all under the tree and ready to go for the morning.
The first thing Gigi saw when she came downstairs was the Disney princess vanity. She went right for it. This is one of the favorite gifts. I set it up in my dressing room next to my vanity so we can primp together.

Poor Gigi was actually sick although she didn't have any trouble finding the energy to open presents!

Later my parents came over with a whole new round of toys, including a sports car, just the thing every two year old needs to have!

They also got her a baby and all the accessories, Gigi was trying out the pack and play for size.

Later we lit the first candle for Hanukkah and Gigi got yet another present. We've got seven more nights of this, she is going to be so spoiled by next week.

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