Thursday, April 30, 2009

Garden Blog - Seeds Planted

It's spring! Finally. And that means it's time to get the gardens cleaned up, planted and set before it gets to hot to deal with the heavy work. I have several gardens in my yard all with a varying degree of help needed. The one in the best shape right now is the side garden (above). Over the years, I have kept a spiral notebook documenting the rise of each garden, the fall not so much because by that time I lost interest, hence the fall of the garden. I think I will try to do this electronically at this point.

Today I cleaned most of the weeds out of the what I call the driveway garden. This is a garden in my front yard, next to the driveway. The show piece of this garden is a huge white Peony which is due to bloom in about 20 days or so.

There are few things in this garden that have not come back yet...will they? There are also two things that I don't know what they are. One, I think is some sort of mum, the other, I'm not sure. I'm not even sure that it is not a weed. But for now I will let it stay. I have started keeping the tacky plastic plant markers just for this reason. I think also taking pictures and labeling them will help when it comes to identifying things next year.

The driving force behind today's clean up was so that I could plant some seeds. Earlier this year I stopped by Brookside Gardens and saw some beautiful tall snapdragons. I purchased some seeds recently and today put those seeds in the ground. Historically, when it comes to seeds I am either wildly successful or the opposite. So wish me luck...

I also planted a number of seeds in the side garden. Chinese Forget-me-nots, two types of Zinnias and Portulaca.

Oh and while I was out there Miss Tootie the cat came along, meowing a very self satisfied meow. When I got closer I saw she had blood on her paws. I guess I'm just glad I didn't have to see what it was that she killed...

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