Monday, April 10, 2006

The Power of Exercise

Today and everyday the master rule should be - Never underestimate the power of exercise. If you can fit this in most days and tailor it to you needs that particular day, Wow the world is golden.

Take today for instance, I've been feeling Blah, allergies, hormones, stress, etc. I felt this way yesterday and used the excuse that all my exercise clothing was in the dyer at workout time to skip exercise for the day. It didn't get me anywhere I still felt Blah. Today I wake up still Blah and go to work, drink a half a iced latte (half, because if I drank the other half I could have exploded) and half a bagel (half, because of the calories). Anyway it got me a little more awake and productive but still Blah. Finally the moment of truth 11:15, am I going to make it to my Yoga class or not? It would be so easy to blow it off and go get lunch but I decided to go, mostly because I felt guilty about skipping the workout yesterday and was mad because I couldn't put my little purple circle on the calendar for yesterday signifying a workout. I take my Blah self to the gym.

Wow, after the hour yoga session, I melt out of the gym, just pour me into my vehicle and float me back to work. Who is this girl? She's not the same one I knew this morning and certainly not the grumpy one I knew yesterday (hubby can testify to this). Did this exercise have anything to do with weight loss? Nope, just pure stress relief. The stretching and the poses pulled out the stress, reconnected my mind and body and in turn changed my world.

The power of exercise. Maybe step aerobics could have done this for me today, but maybe not. Today this was the right thing. For you yoga fans here are two great web pages that I found:

ABC of
Hatha Yoga Lesson

Oh and hey, I got to put my little purple circle on my calendar for today!

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