Thursday, February 02, 2006

The time has come...

To kick myself in the butt and get to the gym. I have so many excuses as to why I can't possibly fit going to the gym into my schedule such as I already set my alarm for 5:40 am, my workday is crazy busy, I am tired and very busy when I get home, going to the gym will interfere with my wine drinking hours, you know all the normal stuff. But really the only excuse is I haven't deemed it important enough to make it a priority.

In the meantime, I yo-yo on eating good then eating bad. I drink a good amount wine, you know for the antioxidants, diet coke, cappuccino and tea, and drink little or no water. Most parts of the day I feel like a blob with no energy and a bad attitude.

So what am I going to do about it? Well I checked out the class schedule at my gym, which I am paying for but not going, and found several classes that I like. Some are around lunch time so I can go in the middle of the day once or twice a week. Two are on the weekends about the normal time I get up, a couple are in the evening that I could hit straight from work if Paul picks up Gigi or right after dinner. And a few brutal ones at 5:30 am if I have nothing better to do, like sleep. So with this variety maybe I could fit in a few trips to the gym each week.

I used to love the gym, it's time to rekindle the relationship. In fact I took my first visit today at lunch. See ya at 5:30 tomorrow morning.

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