Sunday, February 05, 2006

Playdate with Azalea

Saturday was one of the dreariest days we have had in awhile, it rained all day. Fortunately, we had a play date planned with the Azalea and her family. I would show you pictures of the rest of the family but our tunnel vision only allowed us to take pictures of the two girls and oh yeah, the cat.

I find this happens all to often. I go to put together pictures of an event and all I have are pictures of Gigi and her friends, rarely any adults or other children. This always leaves for an incomplete record so I need to remember this and take more pictures of everyone and everything else.

Anyway the girls and Desi had a lot of fun climbing on Gigi's Jungle Climber, playing with all her other other toys and eating pizza. Thank you Tula and Craig for driving all that way in the rain. :)

Tooty had a good time too.

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