Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Queen of the Damned and Princess Ariel

It's Halloween Eve, and our neighborhood ladies club put on a party for the kids. Gigi went as Princess Ariel the mermaid. She was VERY cute. It was a great idea, arts and crafts, refreshments and a parade and trick or treating through the seniors center. The kids had fun and the residents enjoyed seeing the kids. The only thing is that I was looking forward to seeing all my neighbors which I did, but when you are entertaining two year olds it's hard to have any adult converstions.

The Queen of the Damned and Princess Ariel Posted by Picasa

Pregnant Nun Posted by Picasa

Sorry Erika I missed the irony of yours and Tommy's costumes until I veiwed the pictures! Sometimes I'm a little slow.

Arts and Crafts Posted by Picasa

Hiding in the Cape Posted by Picasa

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