Saturday, October 15, 2005

I Got Chocolate

Ok this is the second of two posts in a row talking about indulgences. No wonder I feel like I am up a pound or two! I want to talk about gourmet chocolate, there is nothing like it, you can't get this stuff at the grocery store.

Yesterday a box of fabulous chocolates arrived at my door. Who sent them? Me of course, I have been waiting all summer to place my order. They won't ship when it is hot enough to melt your chocolate.

Right now I am waiting for Paul to make me a cappucino to enjoy with my chocolates, but it sounds like he's putting away the dishes. Where are this man's priorities!? While I wait I'll tell you about the chocolates. They come from Jacques Torres and if you don't live in New York you can have them shipped to you (weather permitting). I love dark chocolate so I got a box filled with 4 flavors:

Love Potion #9 - pure dark chocolate ganache
Golden Expresso - self expanitory
Bin 27 Port - port infused in chocolate
Wicked Fun - chocolate ganache spiced up with ancho and chipotle chilis (Erica you would love this one!)

Ah my cappucino has arrived. I've gotta go enjoy...

For you chocolate lovers there are also recipes on the Jacques Torres site.

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