Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow Part II

This is the driveway garden. This garden also did well this year. The perennials came up wonderfully and the mystery plants turned out to be a beautiful White Phlox and and some sort of Mum.

As with the driveway garden I expanded a bit, since I had the time... I really enjoyed the mix of perennials and annuals. When I first started gardening, I only used annuals. Then I expanded to the perennials, which really helps building an established garden. I like adding in the annuals to fill in blanks spots, plus some off the annuals ended up being the work horses of the garden, blooming longer than most of the perennials.

Some of my favorites in this garden this year were the Pomegranate Achillea (just starting to bloom in the picture with Mr. Max), the White Phlox, the White Cleome and the Snapdragons.

This last picture is of the Passion Flower I grew on the fence. Last year's Passion Flower did not make it through the winter, so I dug up this year's plant and brought it inside. Wish me luck, I'm much better with plants in the garden, than with the ones in the house.

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