Sunday, October 28, 2007

Matthew Hensen Trail

There has been a great improvement to the amenities in our neighborhood. A trail is being built right behind it. This one thing I had always wanted to have nearby, especially since our neighborhood doesn't have sidewalks. I liked the no sidewalks thing when we were newlyweds looking for a house, but that "perk" becomes and problem when you have kids, there is no place for them to play outside of your yard, the street is very dangerous. Even going for a walk, every two minutes you've got to real the kid and the dog in because a car is coming, and usually at mush faster speeds that they should be.

So there is now this great trail, where once we get there we can let Ms. G freely run ahead, Sadie goes off leash and we all get some fresh air and exercise without having to drive someplace to get it.

This story would not be complete without mentioning that this trail has greatly divided our neighborhood. It feels mostly generational, but I am sure that is not completely true. Anyway there is a group of folks that think it will bring more crime to our neighborhood, I don't buy into this so I am very happy it is there for my family.

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