Sunday, September 23, 2007

Birthday Parties and Stuff

These are pictures from Isabella's princess party last weekend. The girls dressed up like princesses, ate pizza and cake and even had a visit with Cinderella. One thing about having kids these days is that when the birthday rolls around you need to figure out what kind of party you are going to have. When I was a kid you just invited some kids over served ice cream and cake and gave everyone birthday hats to wear. I bet it was a lot less expensive. These days you have to have a theme or you go to a kids gym or splash park. Not that the kids really care, I'm sure. Presents, cake and ice cream don't really need to have a theme, but this is what we do these days.
Anyway Gigi's birthday is coming up in two weeks so I have decided to have Pirates and Princesses Scavenger Hunt. In fact I should be working on my treasure map instead writing on this blog, but I'm sure I'll get it done in time. Last year we did the gym. It was expensive. So I decided to do it at home, I'm not really saving any $$. Oh well hopefully the kids will have a fun day.
What else is going on? Well my office is moving and we are building out our new space. It's been pretty exciting although this past week there were some issues that came up and they are really stressing me out. We'll figure it out. I think what I keep running into is that we are moving to a great location and the rent is a lot more expensive than where we are now. We did up a schedule of what we needed and had the space plan drawn up. We were instructed to cut back on the square footage. We did and now I see that may have been shortsighted. I knew it was going to be, but I thought the area is great so we'll deal with it. But now the space is lacking some important stuff, you know little things like filing space, before we even move in. In the end these types of things become my problem to solve. So I will. Somehow.
I also said I was going to lose weight and keep you posted. We'll am back up to 139lbs. I stopped taking the Hoodia product although I might try it again. It was good for making me not feel hungry, but the funny thing was that when I did eat, I would really want to eat. I have trouble with portion control already so without a lot of diligence it wasn't really helping. I've gone back to the old fashioned method. Increase physical activity and keep track of what goes in. This is a real pain but I have a way of rationalizing my food intake as minimal unless I track it. I am a foodie and I love good food so calorie consumption can easily get out of control for me. I used to have a calorie counter book that used and I would log everything into Excel so I could crunch the numbers and make pretty charts. Now I have found a better method. It's calorie counter at I found this by accident the other day when I decide to look on the Internet to see how many calories were in the Sun Chips that I was scarfing down. I was not pleased with the facts. I had Sun Chips and a bag of grapes, these were supposed to be snacks to supplement my lunch, it turns out that these two items alone should have been my lunch as far as calories go. Well now I am logging in every little morsel and I can see why the scale was going up. The cold hard facts, that's what works best for me.
Gotta go work out...

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