Thursday, December 21, 2006


Well I've been bummed out for the past few days. Last week I started having some minor cold symptoms like watery eyes and swollen glands. Finally by Sunday I have to give in admit I was really sick. I took it easy and then headed to work Monday. Well now I am on my third day home sick. Well, actually I would have gone in today but I am stuck home waiting for Lowes to delivery supplies for my bathroom remodel that were supposed to be delivered Yesterday. It's probably better anyway but really I am so sick of being home. Plus it's not like I have the place to myself, our contractor Doug is here working on the bathroom. I am sure he would rather me not be here, plus there is no way I can just go crawl in my bed for a few hours with a man working in my house. So anyway I am just hanging here and hopefully Lowes will show up soon and I can at least go in the office for a few hours.

Here are a few shots of Ms. g enjoying more Hanukkah gifts...

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