Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Housing Market Effects Lifestyle of One Particular Cat

So as you know The Simmons house is up for sale. Saturday a call comes in to our house with Her caller ID. No of course I don’t answer, that would be foolishness. I am not looking for fight on a nice peaceful Saturday afternoon. She doesn’t leave a message either. A while later I see my cat hanging out across the street in another neighbor’s yard. Humph, why is she calling us, she’s leaving soon, why does she care?

Sunday. On my way to the grocery store I look up Her street. No for sale sign! Did they sell the house? I drive up and take a look. Her mailbox cover is still on her mailbox; their two cars are still in the drive. It looks like they are still there. BUMMER.

So my guess is they took the house off the market. Ugh. I hope I am wrong. I know that their house over in leisure world is ready and waiting for them, why would they take it off the market. I look it up on Realtor.com, it’s not there. It was there yesterday, I looked it up after she called. The real estate market has really come to crawl here and maybe they think they can get more money for their house in the spring. Give me a break, they bought the house for 63,000 in 1972.

Ok I am getting ahead myself, maybe the house is sold and they haven’t moved yet, I can only hope. Anyway, Ms. Tootie is spending her days on the screen porch again until we can figure out what is going on.

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Avin said...

Crossing my fingers and hoping that there was some sort of confusion and they really are moving.