Sunday, July 23, 2006

Abigail's Party

It's funny to think about a time before we had kids. We went to visit some friends yesterday for their daughter's 2nd birthday. We originally met them before we all had children. Now here we are celebrating children's birthdays. Nothing groundbreaking but it's interesting to stop and think about how time keeps moving and things keep evolving.

Abigail is now two years old, last time we saw her was a year ago on her 1st birthday. This year it was nice because the two girls could really play together. And Play they did. They were the only two little ones at the party and ran around all over the place together.

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Abigail was nice enough to allow Gigi to help her open presents, which I am happy say she did very politely and then handed the goods over to Abigail's mom as she opened each gift.

Towards the end Ms. G was quite tired, it took about two minutes for her to fall asleep on the drive home!
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