Thursday, March 02, 2006

Disney World

I guess I've truly stepped into parenthood. We took a short little vacation this past week. Where did we go? I quick trip down to St.John? A mountain spa and resort? Nope, Disney. Now first before I get into the Disney observations, let me say Gigi had a great time and therefore we had a great time, so yes, it is a parenthood thing. She is so into the princesses (so now I will have to teach her that women don't NEED men to save them, it's the other way around), and was WOWed by Goofy, Mickey and Woody, and just her expression when she first caught a glimpse of the magic castle was absolutely priceless. So yes, we had a good time.

We were fairly smart, we decided we didn't need to see and do everything but still pushed it a bit on the naps. We were done and in bed by around 9pm each night so we didn't party too hard. Now to the observations. We stayed at a Disney Resort, it was a moderate resort and the room was fine and clean, the resort was pretty, the food...God Awful! I guess when you're feeding thousands of people everyday you go for institutional methods and that's what the food tasted like. The first day, first meal we got some burgers for us and a hot dog for Gigi. I decided I should have gotten a hot dog. For dinner we ate in Norway (in Epcot). I would have preferred a hot dog. Breakfast not much better. We learned hot dogs were the way to go and when we didn't go that way we were sorry and our wallets hurt. Halfway through the trip we did discover Downtown Disney and there were some chain restaurants there that had regular real food. Thank goodness.

The other thing is feeling like cattle. They have a way of moving the cattle there. From a management point of view I was quite impressed, from an individual point of view I felt a bit like we were in the Disney prison. Don't get me wrong it was fine, just weird. My advice - rent a car, get off Disney property once in while, while staying there.

Anyway it wasn't about us. Gigi had a magical time and we were beaming.

Our resort, outside of the pool

At the pool

On the resort grounds a quick way to travel... And get a gander now cause you don't see it often, me in tennis shoes.

The magic castle!

Waiting line, Daddy wearing the princess crown.

The Lion King show, a big hit for Gigi. Although when I stood on the back row of bleachers to get a better view for our video the Disney police were there in a matter of seconds. you know it's not safe to stand up there.

Lunch at the House of Blues. Too bad Gigi fell asleep, her Mac and Cheese was GOOD.

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