Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I am so excited! This weekend we are going to the 9:30 Club, I haven't been there in so long. A few weeks ago I was surfing around and came across the announcement of this show. I immediately called my husband and excitedly said "GUESS WHO'S COMING TO THE 9:30 CLUB!" I could hear him roll his eyes and in the most bland voice he could summon said "i don't know, who?" - "LAURIE BERKNER!!!" So I jumped back online and ordered tickets and a parking pass to be safe. Well the time has come and this weekend Gigi will get to go see her first live show. I am so excited for her. It's sold out and I'm sure it's going to be a mad house. It's not just Laurie Berkner but a bunch of acts and characters from the Noggin channel the whole extravaganza is called Jamarama.

Ok so yes, I would like to go see something hip at the 9:30 club, but in the circle I live in right now this is hip. I'll post pictures next week.

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